Jan-Marie Lozada

Jan-Marie Lozada

Senior Colorist

Jan-Marie Lozada has spent 20 years working in the beauty industry in New York City. With expertise in Extensions, Color, and Smoothing Treatments, she is sought out not only by New Yorkers but also influencers and celebrities.
A graduate of the Carsten Institute, she began her career at the boutique West Village salon Xena’s Beauty Company and then moved to Ted Gibson Salon. In 2012, she ran her own freelance business for 7 years before joining the team at Antonia Prieto Salon. In the fall of 202, Jan-Marie joined the talented team at Sally Hershberger.
Jan-Marie's career is as eclectic as her clientele. With her consistency as a colorist and an extension expert, and her ability to incorporate new trends and styles for the ever-changing New York woman, Jan-Marie is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Colorists / Extensions / Treatments

Instagram: @HairByJanMarie

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