Keith Shore

Keith Shore

Senior Colorist

Keith Shore is known in certain circles as the 'Blonde Whisperer' and has earned his way to master colorist after 15 years in the industry. He brings a refreshing approach to hair color with his downtown blonde formulations and doesn’t subscribe to the old Bergdorf blonde uptown sensibility. Keith brings an authentic ease and approach to his custom color formulations and glossy hues.
He has worked at Sally Hershberger for much of his career, with some time spent in Manhattan's other top salons including Serge Normant and Marie Robinson, but he has always returned home to Sally downtown. His moniker as the Blonde Whisperer was given to him by the agents at IMG Models, where Keith has an ongoing relationship working on some of their top models.
Keith has been seeing Gigi Hadid for over 10 years and is responsible for all of her colors - the blondes, brunettes, and even the redhead looks that she has donned throughout her career. This relationship has been the highlight of his career and is an exciting facet of his portfolio. Working in that sector of the business has been a natural progression for Keith Shore, who began his career in the fashion industry doing public relations for Donna Karan. Through that beginning, he has continued to develop relationships and understanding of the industry.
However, Keith has a very diverse and well-rounded client list, and most of his clients have been with him for many years, often becoming friends and trusted collaborators. Keith has also personally participated in the education process of some of our other colorists, so if you’re not able to get in with him, there are people who have worked closely with him and subscribe to a similar style.


Instagram: @KeithShore

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